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December 11, 2008

How Is the #RNCChair Selected?

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I’ve been wondering how the RNC Chairman is selected.  I even asked that question in a tweet earlier today, but I didn’t get a reply.  I finally put my research skills to work and found the rules of the National Republican Committee, which consists “of one (1) national committeeman and one (1) national committeewoman from, and the chairman of the state Republican Party of, each state” (1).

The officers of the Republican National Committee include a

chairman and a co-chairman of the opposite sex who shall be elected by the members of the Republican National Committee. The chairman or co-chairman need not be a member of the Republican National Committee. Except as otherwise ordered by a majority of the members of the Republican National Committee present and voting on the matter, the chairman and the co-chairman shall be full-time, paid employees of the Republican National Committee.  The chairman shall be the chief executive officer of the Republican National Committee.  (3)

Following is the election process:

The chairman, co-chairman, and all other officers shall be elected in January of each oddnumbered year. All officers, except the vice chairmen, shall be nominated from the floor and shall have at least the majority vote of the Republican National Committee members in each of three (3) states in order to have their names placed in nomination. There shall be no nominating committee. (4)

Therefore, it seems that the only way to influence the selection is to lobby your state’s committeeman, committeewoman, and party chairman.

The hashtag (#RNCChair) in the title of this post is an experiment.  I have TwitterFeed set up to post my blog entries automatically to my Twitter account.  I hoping the tag will show up in that particular tweet.


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