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January 4, 2009

Conservatism Doesn’t Need To Be Reinvented

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Yesterday at Ars Technica, Julian Sanchez wrote “Since the humbling results of the November election came in, the conservative movement has been scrambling to assess what happened—and to figure out how to prevent it from happening again.”

Obviously Sanchez needs to learn the difference between the conservative movement and the Republican Party.  It was the GOP that should have been humbled by the election results.  Very few conservative issues and candidates were on ballots throughout the country, and where they were, they usually won.  Look at Proposition 8 in California.

Sanchez also asserts, incorrectly,  that “[c]onservatives don’t need to figure out how to promote conservatism on Facebook; they need to figure out what it is they’re promoting” (“Reinventing conservatism one tweet at a time“).  Conservatives know what they are promoting:  the Constitution, individual liberty, free markets, limited govenment, low taxes, etc. 

It’s the Republican Party that needs to figure out what it is promoting.  We’ve had eight years with a big-government Republican running the country and, supposedly, the party.   The most-recent Republican presidential candidate, a moderate (at best) chosen by independents, liberals, and the old media, was known for compromising with Democrats, playing to the media, and flipping off conservatives.

While the Republican Party, pulled by country-club elites and RINOs, has moved toward the center the last few years, conservatives have stayed where they were.  The party has left us.  The GOP needs to decide now if it is going to move back to the right where Reagan left it and stay there.  If not, the conservative movement needs to find a new home.


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