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May 17, 2009

Google Alerts for “Patrick Henry Caucus” 5-16-09

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Google Blogs Alert for: “Patrick Henry Caucus”

Glenn Beck: The “Civilest of Wars” « RBO
By Procrustes
The Patrick Henry Caucus was featured on the show, and they are inspiring more states to join the movement. I learned from the show last night that despite the obstacles to legislation based on 10th Amendment, the rationale is that if
Patrick Henry Caucus | Aries
By admin
Got this in my email this morning. If you can make it, you should.CALL TO ACTION!TEA PARTY RALLY WEDNESDAY 20 MAY 2009–12:00 NOON–UTAH STATE CAPITOL–WEST.
Aries –
The Patrick Henry Caucus – Conservative Republican Discussion Forums
By warpig
The Patrick Henry Caucus – Home Page For those interested in reestablishing the 10th Amendment. YouTube – Queensryche – Revolution calling.
Conservative Republican Discussion… –
Britannia Radio
By Britannia Radio
The Utah assemblyman who sponsered the bill in his state has started a group called the Patrick Henry Caucus to have such groups in all 50 state legislators to challenge federal authority on unconstitutional federal legislation and
Britannia Radio –
Gola Mc’s Thoughts: Video – The Patrick Henry Caucus
By GolaMc
If you haven’t already seen the video (below) about The Patrick Henry Caucus, you need to! I believe that everyone should be aware of the fact, if they aren’t already, that the government has almost completely taken over our States.
Gola Mc’s Thoughts –

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