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June 16, 2009

Stimulus Projects Requested for Durango, Colorado

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Yesterday I posted a table with the stimulus projects requested for Denver.  Eleven projects, totaling $65,870,000 (about $3,875 per person* in the city), have been submitted for Durango:

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio (6-16-09)
Florida Road Improvements – Plans for widening this busy arterial road include the installation of curb, gutters, sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, medians, landscaping, streetlights, storm drains, and other safety. . . Durango CO 1550 $15,500,000 Streets/Roads 14
SMART 160 Multi-modal Trail – U.S. Highway 160 is the only east-west highway through La Plata County and has long been an impediment to safe travel for bicyclists and pedestrians due to the high traffic volumes and speed. Durango CO 800 $8,000,000 Streets/Roads -10
Sidewalk Replacement in Historic Downtown – Deteriorated sidewalks in historic downtown Durango have been identified in the Downtown Vision Plan as a priority project. In addition to replacing the sidewalks, the project includes installing street . . . Durango CO 300 $3,000,000 Streets/Roads -18
Traffic Signals – This project includes the reconfiguration or installation of new traffic signals to improve traffic flow at highly-congested areas of Durango. Included in the project are plans to incorporate bike- and pedestrian-friendly . . . Durango CO 240 $2,400,000 Streets/Roads 6
Accessible Sidewalks – Constructing accessible sidewalks along Main Avenue from 14th Street to 37th Street in Durango would allow consistent and improved access to the businesses along Main Avenue. Few of the intersections have sidewalk ramps at this . . . Durango CO 90 $900,000 Streets/Roads 5
Railroad Crossings at 32nd Avenue – This project will replace the current traditional crossing at 32nd Avenue with a crossing made from recycled materials that is safer for both pedestrians and bicyclists. Durango CO 25 $250,000 Streets/Roads -9
Storm Water Pre-treatment – The City of Durango currently maintains 57 storm drain pipelines that collect storm water from throughout the cityÂ’s roadway system. Sediment and hydrocarbons are washed from the roadway surface into the storm . . . Durango CO 340 $3,420,000 Water 2
Airport Terminal Roadway Reconstruction Project-This project will replace the terminal roads that are currently in very poor shape and are failing. Included in the project are best management practices. Durango CO 130 $1,300,000 Airport 4
Regional Materials Recycling Facility – DurangoÂ’s existing recycle center is 14 years old and has become insufficient to handle the amount and type of materials the community recycles. Durango CO 1500 $15,000,000 Energy 5
Historic Library Remodel – After 105 years, DurangoÂ’s public library has moved to a new location, leaving behind a historic building with old, inefficient systems. The City of Durango owns the building and would like to remodel the building for City . . . Durango CO 340 $3,400,000 Energy -34
Downtown Parking Garage – This 224,000-square-foot parking garage would provide adequate multi-modal parking to attract development to downtown Durango. The garage will be constructed in conjunction with the new regional transit center (already under . . . Durango CO 1270 $12,700,000 Transit -23

* The population of Durango is about 17,000 (13,922 in 2000).



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