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June 17, 2009

Google Alerts for “Patrick Henry Caucus” 6-16-09

Google News Alert for: “Patrick Henry Caucus”

Time to draw line on the feds
Monroe News Star – Monroe,LA,USA
formed by state representatives from Utah, has arisen to help state officials across the country resist federal encroachments: the Patrick Henry Caucus.
Western states want reins on federal power
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
DC,” said Wimmer, who has established an organization, the Patrick Henry Caucus, to rally like-minded lawmakers from other states.

Google Blogs Alert for: “Patrick Henry Caucus”

What I Think?: Is the American Union in Deep Trouble? “States Have
Wimmer told WND he is organizing a new group called “The Patrick Henry Caucus” to bring together state legislators throughout the United States to fight back against the federal government in the defense of Second Amendment rights at
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