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June 27, 2009

#Capntr8ors CANNOT Change Votes

According to the blog, the Capntr8ors cannot change their votes (“Can representatives change their vote?“).

Here is the relevant passage from the House Rules:

Before the result of a vote has been finally and conclusively pronounced by the Chair, but not thereafter, a Member may change his vote (V, 5931–5933, 6093, 6094; VIII, 3070, 3123, 3124, 3160), and a Member who has answered “present” may change it to “yea” or “nay” (V, 6060). However, a vote given by a Member may not be withdrawn without leave of the House (V, 5930). (page 803, section 1017)

Thanks to StopTheLiberalsNow (Stop The Liberals Now website) for the links.


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