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July 26, 2009

Perlmutter Watch 7-26-09: Contributions from Unions

According to, to date three of the top five contributors to Ed Perlmutter‘s 2010 campaign are unions:

Contributor Total Indivduals PACs
United Food & Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) $10,000 $0 $10,000
Denver West Realty $9,200 $9,200 $0
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) $5,000 $0 $5,000
Operating Engineers Union (IUOE) $5,000 $0 $5,000
Raytheon Co $5,000 $0 $5,000

The UFCW is a member of Health Care for America Now (HCAN) in its own right (“Who We Are“).  The IBEW and IUOE are both members of the AFL-CIO (“Unions of the AFL-CIO“), which is a member of HCAN’s steering committee (“Who We Are“).  HCAN

is a national grassroots campaign of more than 1,000 organizations in 46 states representing 30 million people dedicated to winning quality, affordable health care we all can count on in 2009. Our organization and principles are supported by President Obama, Vice President Biden, and more than 190 Members of Congress.

We are building a national movement to win comprehensive health care reform by helping mobilize people in their communities to lobby their U.S. Senators and Representatives in Congress to stand up to the insurance companies and other special interest groups to achieve quality, affordable health care in 2009. (“About Us“)

Contact Rep. Perlmutter; remind him that he works for the voters of Colorado’s 7th Congressional District–not the unions, other special interest groups, the Democratic Party, or Barack Obama; and tell him to keep his hands off our health care and health insurance:

Website: (Click on “Contact” and then “Contact Forms” for e-mail contact form)
Washington, D.C. Office:
202-225-2645, 202-225-5278 (fax)
District Office: 303-274-7944, 303-274-6455 (fax)


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