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September 17, 2009

Town Hall with Brian Campbell

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Last night I attended a town hall meeting with Brian Campbell (website, Twitter, Facebook) at the Golden Community Center.  Brian is running for Congress from Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

There were about 20 people in attendance, so anyone who wanted to could ask questions.

As I listened to Brian answer questions and talk about his ideas and plans about small business, energy, infrastructure, farming subsidies, and health care, I grew concerned, so I asked the following (a close paraphrase):

You’ve referred to yourself as being a conservative first before being a Republican.  I also consider myself to be a conservative first; in fact, that’s the name of my blog.

As a conservative, I believe in maximizing individual liberty and minimizing government.  I also believe in following the Constitution, including the enumerated powers for Congress, which are few and specific.

I’m concerned because most of the plans I’ve heard you talk about are not things that Congress should be doing.

Brian responded by saying that we needed to get back to the Constitution, but it’s happened over 100 years or more, and it will take time to repeal existing laws and limit what the federal government does.

I told him that I could live with that as long as we’re moving in the right direction, which I don’t see the Republican Party doing.

I volunteered to help with his campaign as I can.

If you live in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, please get Brian and support his campaign.


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