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December 25, 2009

Google Alerts for “Patrick Henry Caucus” 12-24-09

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Cache Valley Tea Party Coalition: Keystone to the Restoration of
By Michelle
Patrick Henry Caucus plans for legislative action for 2010 in Utah. · An introduction to the new Utah Tenth Amendment Center. · A workshop on Our Societal Self and the Keystone to the Constitution, the 10th Amendment.
Cache Valley Tea Party Coalition –
What can you do in response to the Senate vote? « Kelly Araneda’s
By kellyaraneda
I hope y’all have been getting to know your state legislators, and have a Patrick Henry Caucus group (or similar) in your state legislatures;. 2) Look into prosecuting Senators and Representatives who passed this unconstitutional
Kelly Araneda’s Weblog –

Google Web Alert for: “Patrick Henry Caucus”

Twitter / Tom O’Halloran: The Patrick Henry Caucus i …
The Patrick Henry Caucus is dedicated to the ideals established by our Founding Fathers. #tcot.
An Open Letter to the Tea Parties and 9/12 Movement | Error and
This is why I help found The Patrick Henry Caucus, and this is why I am involved in the Tea Party and 9/12 movements.

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