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May 26, 2012

Perlmutter Watch 5-25-12: Law of the Sea Treaty

As I mentioned yesterday, I signed Dick Morris’s petition to “Fight The Treaty That Cedes Our Sovereignty.”  I received this response from my congressman, Ed Perlmutter:

Thank you for contacting me about the Law of the Seas Treaty (LOST). I appreciate hearing from you on such an important issue because it enables me to better represent the beliefs and values of our district.

As you may know, LOST would give control of the Earth’s oceans to an international treaty organization (the International Seabed Authority) to establish a legal regime for management of the oceans. Since we have not ratified the treaty, we are not a member of the Seabed Authority, and would therefore have no say in international laws. A bill to ratify LOST has remained in the Senate since its inception in 1994, and has never passed. Rest assured I will closely monitor this issue during the 112th Congress and will keep your view in mind.

I encourage you to continue to contact me about the issues that are important to you. Please visit our website where you can also sign up for my electronic newsletter and receive periodic updates on my activities as your Representative in Washington.


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