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February 21, 2014

Bennet, Udall, and Perlmutter Watch 2-18-14: Recent Votes

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Recent Senate Votes
Debt Limit – Passage – Vote Agreed to (55-43, 2 Not Voting)

One day after the House voted to raise the U.S. Treasury’s debt limit, the Senate finalized an extension of the limit through March 15, 2015. The final vote fell along party lines, with both independent Senators voting with the Democratic caucus to approve the motion to concur.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES

Recent House Votes
Debt Limit – Passage – Vote Passed (221-201, 10 Not Voting)

The House narrowly passed an extension of the U.S. Treasury’s temporary debt limit on Tuesday by agreeing to a previous Senate bill. The debt limit extension raised the debt limit through March 15, 2015. House members did not add on conditions to raising the debt limit or additional policy requirements to the Senate legislation.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter voted YES

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