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July 1, 2014

Bennet, Udall, and Perlmutter Watch 6-30-14: Recent Votes

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Recent Senate Votes
Workforce Training Reauthorization – Passage – Vote Passed (95-3, 2 Not Voting)

The Senate passed a bill that would overhaul and reauthorize workforce training programs and make changes in the makeup of advisory boards. It also would set out specific authorized appropriations, which would increase annually, for each program through fiscal 2020.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES

Recent House Votes
CFTC Reauthorization – Passage – Vote Passed (265-144, 22 Not Voting)

The House passed a bill that would reauthorize the Commodity Futures Trading Commission through 2018 and would largely exempt end users or nonfinancial companies that use derivatives to hedge risks from tough rules on derivatives under the 2010 financial regulatory overhaul known as Dodd-Frank.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter voted NO

Trans-National Pipelines – Passage – Vote Passed (238-173, 20 Not Voting)

The House passed a bill that would require future oil and gas pipeline projects and power lines that cross international borders to be reviewed by the State or Energy secretary within 120 days of the environmental review, unless the agency finds the project is not in the public interest of the United States. It would eliminate the current system created by executive orders under which a presidential permit must be issued.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter voted NO

Liquefied Natural Gas Exports – Passage – Vote Passed (266-150, 16 Not Voting)

The House passed a bill that would require the Energy Department to expedite decisions on applications to export liquefied natural gas. It would require that all applications publicly disclose the specific nation or nations that would receive the proposed export of liquefied natural gas.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter voted YES

Oil and Gas Exploration – Passage – Vote Passed (229-185, 18 Not Voting)

The House passed a bill that would establish a five-year program for oil and gas leasing. The bill would double the cap for offshore oil and gas revenue sharing to $1 billion and require at least 25 percent of eligible federal land be made available each year to lease for oil and gas exploration.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter voted NO

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