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November 10, 2014

Hands off My Gun by Dana Loesch

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Hands off My Gun:  Defeating the Plot to Disarm America (New York: Center Street, 2014) is Dana Loesch‘s less-than-successful attempt to imitate Ann Coulter‘s snarky style and personal cover photos.  Loesch’s book does contain a lot of good information, though some of her anecdotes are repeated.  As the book is described on her website, it

is filled with research and detail. In addition to explaining why the Founding Fathers insisted on including the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, Loesch argues that “gun control” regulations throughout history have been used to keep minority populations under control. She also contends that current arguments in favor of gun control are primarily based on emotions and fear.

Hands off My Gun might be more readable if Loesch didn’t include unexplained slang (I seem to remember seeing the “word” mansplaining) and cultural references, particularly to musical groups a lot of her readers would never have heard of.


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