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July 3, 2014

Bullies by Ben Shapiro

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Every conservative, libertarian, Tea Partier, and even just plain Republicans should read Ben Shapiro‘s Bullies:  How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America (New York:  Threshold Editions, 2013).  In Bullies, Shapiro recounts how institutional (media, nonprofit, university, Hollywood), anti-patriotic, race, class (including unions and Occupy Wall Street thugs), sex (including LGBT activists), green (i.e., environmental), and secular (i.e., anti-religion) bullies are trying to intimidate Americans.

Shapiro’s writing reminds me of Ann Coulter‘s, though his tone is more conversational than I remember hers being.

Reading this book should make you angry enough to try to stop the bullies.  As Shapiro concludes, “There is only one way to stop a bully: to punch back.  We’ve seen who the bullies are and what they’ve done.  Now it’s time to fight them” (263).


November 16, 2013

Never Trust a Liberal Over Three by Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter‘s latest book, Never Trust a Liberal Over Three–Especially a Republican, was a real disappointment.  The book consists primarily of her articles, mostly from the last five years though some are older than that.  I expected original well-researched and -documented content.  If that’s what you expect, too, don’t bother reading the book.

October 11, 2012

Mugged by Ann Coulter

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Mugged:  Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama (New York:  Sentinel, 2012) is classic Coulter and well worth reading, though it could wait until after the election.  Coulter and Sentinel should have taken a few more days to copyedit the book and take care of all the sentence fragments before it was published.

February 11, 2009

GOP Cafe Book Discussion – Feb. 26

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Date: Thurs., Feb. 26
Time: 6:00 p.m. SLT (PST)
Location: GOP Cafe (on Sagamore Island in Second Life)
Book: Guilty by Ann Coulter

January 22, 2009

Video: “Coulter Interview: He Who is Offended First Wins”

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Video:  “Coulter Interview: He Who is Offended First Wins

December 6, 2008

Video: “Ann Coulter discusses Obama presidency”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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