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March 14, 2009

SM4Cons – Lesson 4: Finding Blogs

There is more than one way to find blogs to read about politics or other topics.  A good starting place is the list of prominent conservative blogs and bloggers I provided in Lesson 2.  Several search engines have been developed just for finding blogs:

In addition, there is a list of Blog Search Engines at

Probably the two most popular blog search engines are Technorati and Google Blog Search.  I recommend using Technorati.  Here are some videos if you need help using these two blog search engines and surchur:


How To Find Blogs in Any Category

Using Google Blogsearch

surchur – The Web’s Ultimate Dashboard to ‘Now’

I will be also be publishing and updating this information on a wiki.  Future lessons will cover commenting on blogs and reading them using RSS feeds.

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