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June 13, 2009

Stimulus Projects Requested for Boulder, Colorado

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Yesterday I posted a table with the stimulus projects requested for Aurora.  Nine projects, totaling $52,547,000 (about $571 per person* in the city), have been submitted for Boulder:

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio (6-13-09)
Arterial and residential reconstruction projects. ADA sidewalk and access ramp improvements. Boulder CO 116 $7,500,000 Streets/Roads -87
BHP, the housing authority for the city, owns and manages 337 units in eight public housing sites. Funding would go to renovate these properties, which were built between 1955 and 1982, with the majority of units built in the early 1970’s. Boulder CO 65 $8,300,000 CDBG -153
Mobile home parks in the city were built 35-50 years ago and their on-site infrastructure is deteriorating significantly. The city has funded the purchase of two parks by affordable housing non-profits and a partial infrastructure replacement Boulder CO 30 $1,472,000 CDBG -131
Fund installation of fire sprinklers in permanently affordable rental housing units. Nine multi-family sites, with a total of 236 unites, do not have fire protection sprinklers. Boulder CO 10 $675,000 CDBG -78
Provide funding to convert 60 hybrid electric vehicles to Plug-in Hyrbrid Vehicles with Vehicle to Grid technology. The cars are part of the City of Boulder, Boulder County and the University of Colorado fleets. A mix of onboard V2G technology and smart . . . Boulder CO 0 $6,000,000 Energy -911
Mapleton Elementary School in the city of Boulder was built in 1889 and served as an elementary school until 2004, which it was closed due to declining enrollment. A community coalition has com together to convert the school into an early childhood . . . Boulder CO 110 $5,400,000 Schools -151
30th Street bikeland and sidewalk project, Broadway and Euclid transit and bike improvements, 28th Street intermodal improvements. TableMesa bike/ped underpass to park-n-ride Boulder CO 688 $17,200,000 Transit -144
Install a 400 bike system (40 stations) a la “Velib” in Paris, Rejuvenate HOP transit service with purchase of four new buses (US built) Boulder CO 124 $3,100,000 Transit -192
Install Junction Place bridge, pathways along Foothills and from Goose Creek to bus station Boulder CO 116 $2,900,000 Transit -86

* The population of Boulder is about 92,000.

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