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July 13, 2009

Video: “How To Brainwash A Nation”

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Video:  “How To Brainwash A Nation” (interview in 1985)

Ideological Subversion:  to change perception of reality of every American so no one is able to come to sensible conclusions to defend themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.

Four Steps to Marxist-Leninist Control:

  1. Demoralization (15 to 20 years) – time to educate one generation of students, expose to enemy’s ideology, already completed in U.S. (by 1985) done by Americans to Americans, unable to accept truth, American leftists (including professors) essential to process
  2. Destabilization (2 to 5 years) – destabilize economy (eliminate free markets), foreign relations, and defense systems
  3. Crisis (6 weeks) – developed from destabilization, resulting in violent revolution
  4. Normalization (indefinitely) – following violent change in power, promises to meet needs, elimination of American leftists who thought they would be in power

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