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July 17, 2009

Videos: “The Truth About Global Warming”

Competitive Enterprise Institute‘s video series telling “The Truth About Global Warming”:

June 30, 2009

Truth about “Climate Change” Suppressed in EPA Report

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has released the report, titled “Proposed NCEE Comments on Draft Technical Support Document for Endangerment Analysis for Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Clean Air Act,” that was suppressed by the Obama Administration’s EPA.  In the report, the author, Alan Carlin, stated that “[d]espite the complexity of the climate system the following conclusions appear to be well supported by the available data”:

  • “By far the best single explanation for global temperature fluctuations is variations in the PDO [Pacific Decadal Oscillation]/ENSO [El Niño-Southern Oscillation].”
  • “There appears to be a strong association between solar sunspots/irradiance and global temperature fluctuations.”
  • “Changes in GHG [greenhouse gas] concentration appear to have so little effect that it is difficult to find any effect in the satellite temperature record, which started in 1978.” (iv)
  • “The surface measurements (HADCRUT [Hadley Climate Research Unit Temperature]) are more ambiguous than the satellite measurements in that the increasing temperatures shown since the mid-1970s could either be due to the rapid growth of urbanization and the heat island effect of by the increase in GHG levels.  However, since no such increase is shown in the satellite record it appears more likely that urbanization and the UHI [urban heat island] effect are the most likely cause.”
  • “Hence it is not reasonable to conclude that there is any endangerment from changes in GHG levels based on the satellite record, since almost all the fluctuations appear to be due to natural causes and not human-caused pollution as defined by the Clear Air Act.”
  • “There is a strong possibility that there are some other natural causes of global temperature fluctuations that we do not yet fully understand and which may account for the 1998 temperature peak which appears on both the satellite and surface temperature records.”

Carlin concludes that “[g]iven the downward trend in temperatures since 1998 (which some think will continue until at least 2030) there is no particular reason to rush into decisions based on a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data” (v; emphasis added).  This is what we need to tell our U.S. Senators.

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