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July 4, 2012

An American Son by Marco Rubio

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If you want to learn about Marco Rubio’s life and beliefs, read his memoir, An American Son (New York:  Sentinel-Penguin, 2012).

I had thought that Rubio was a Tea Party candidate, but he hardly mentions the grassroots movement in his book.

Rubio presents himself as a conservative, though he never discusses his political thought process.  His political philosophy and affiliation seem to be based on his parents’ and grandparents’ views rather than reason.

He misrepresents Mormons’ attitude toward alcohol, claiming that Mormons believe “liquor is poison.”  (Since there is no index, I couldn’t find the page.)

I was disappointed to learn of Rubio’s initial uninformed negative reaction to Arizona’s SB 1070.

In addition, I have to question his conservatism when he states that “we [need] to do something to help children whose parents had immigrated illegally, who had grown up here and were American in every way except legally, and were at risk of deportation” (265).  This sounds just like Obama’s justification for his regime’s recent decision to ignore the law.  Rubio wants the same wrong result but instituted by the right process.

The only way someone is American is by following the law to be born or naturalized as a citizen.  Illegal aliens grew up in another culture and came to a different one as adults.  Their children can go back to their home countries and re-adapt to the cultures there.

I don’t think we can afford to deport all the illegal aliens in our country, but we can secure the border and motivate those who are here to deport themselves by preventing them from receiving any benefits by living here.

After reading this book, I’m convinced that Marco Rubio should not be Mitt Romney’s vice president because of his lack of maturity and his liberal views on immigration (which I also objected to when held by Rick Perry), his wife’s dislike of politics, and his children’s ages.

July 2, 2009

Organizations for Colorado Conservatives, Libertarians, and Other Freedom Lovers

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I’m trying to put together a list of organizations in Colorado where people who believe in limited government, free markets, and individual liberty can get more involved.  Please let me know of any organizations I should add.

  • Americans for Prosperity Colorado–“Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) are committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. The grassroots members of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.”
  • Centennial Institute–“The Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University works to enhance public understanding of the most important issues relating to faith, family, and freedom. As part of this endeavor, the institute focuses its efforts on conducting research, analyzing public policy options, and sponsoring seminars, conferences, and other activities that involve students, faculty, staff, and outside experts.”
  • Clear the Bench Colorado–“Clear The Bench Colorado is a grassroots movement to hold Colorado’s Supreme Court justices accountable to the Colorado Constitution and to the people of Colorado.”
  • Coalition for a Conservative Majority – Colorado Springs Chapter–“CCM will bring the enormous power of the natural conservative majority in the United States to bear on our local and national leaders as they shape our policies. Politicians on the left and right will no more be able to ignore conservatives: CCM is going to make conservatives like you heard and seen again in the American debate.”
  • Coalition for a Conservative Majority – Denver Metro Area Chapter–“The goal of our 70-plus member organization is to promote conservative principles and values in government and to preserve the revolutionary ideals handed down to us from our Founding Fathers.”
  • Colorado 9/12 Project–Colorado Ning site for the 9.12 Project Network
  • Colorado Freedom Coalition–“A coalition of organizations dedicated to supporting the principles that make Colorado strong. We believe in Colorado’s future and founding principles of freedom, fiscal discipline, individual liberty and limited government. Collectively, we will achieve real progress on the principles we stand for and believe in.”
  • Colorado Republican Business Coalition–“To promote the interests of small business among policy makers and opinion leaders, to inform and educate on legislation that helps or hurts Colorado businesses, and to encourage citizens in business to participate in the political process.”
  • Colorado SGP (Smart Girl Politics)–“Smart Girl Politics is a grass roots organization that promotes the opinions and principles of conservative women. We are dedicated to the advancement of conservative women in all levels of government. Men are more than welcome to join.”
  • Colorado Union of Taxpayers–“Colorado’s oldest taxpayer rights organization.”
  • Free People, Free Markets–“The philosophy of the Austrian School of economics and its connection to the founding ideas of the American experiment.” The Ning site was created for graduates of the Independence Institute‘s Free People Free Markets class and other supporters of capitalism and individual freedom.
  • Gadsden Society–“The Gadsden Society is a non-partisan public advocacy group, fighting for the preservation and expansion of individual liberty throughout Colorado. We monitor bills pending in the state legislature and advocate on behalf of legislation that expands individual liberty and fight against legislation that contracts individual liberty. We are a state based organization. We leave the federal issues up to other groups.”
  • Hear Us Now–“Hear Us Now is a new non-profit and non-partisan group which intends to build a coalition of people committed to improving our community and our government. Hear Us Now was created as a result of the need the members saw within the state of Colorado after having organized the first two Denver Tea Parties.”
  • Independence Institute–“The Independence Institute is established upon the eternal truths of the Declaration of Independence. Founded in 1985, the Independence Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization dedicated to providing timely information to concerned citizens, government officials, and public opinion leaders.”
  • Liberty on the Rocks Denver–“Liberty on the Rocks is a grass-roots organization whose goal is to provide a social environment to unite liberty-minded individuals not only with one another, but also with the freedom-based organizations in their local communities. This social environment provides a place for individuals to meet and network with each other, gain and disseminate knowledge on the importance of limited government, free markets and individual rights and to learn more about what is going on in their local communities to enhance individual freedoms. It the organizations belief that those in this country have a right to protect their liberties, and it is they, not the politicians in Washington, who have the power to do so.”
  • Limited Government Forum–“LGF was formed in 2007 to help promote the ideas of individual responsibility and freedom in contrast to the tendency for people to turn to government for solutions to almost all social problems, aiming particularly at the Colorado Springs/El Paso County area.”
  • Pikes Peak Economics Club–“The Pikes Peak Economics Club (PPEC) was formed in 2005. We meet monthly to discuss topics in political economy from a free-market perspective. We offer a quarterly condensed one-night version of the Free People, Free Markets course offered at the Independence Institute.” (The website is currently under construction.)
  • Republican Study Committee of Colorado–“The Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) is a voluntary association of elected Colorado legislators that formulates, supports, and communicates legislative actions and positions consistent with its vision and Declaration of Principles. Modeled after the Republican Study Committee of the U.S. Congress, the RSCC provides long range planning and continuity between legislative sessions, helps identify and prioritize content on issues supported by the RSCC, fosters better coordination with groups that support Republican core issues, and increases the potential for national and state-to-state sharing and coordination of legislative information.”
  • The Rocky Mountain Foundation–“The Rocky Mountain Foundation is organized for the purpose of conducting research and education on public policies and trends affecting the freedom, security and prosperity of Colorado’s citizens and future generations.”

For an updated list, along with related political parties, go to the Colorado page on Elephants Never Forget.

June 24, 2009

Video: “Ryan Frazier – A New Way Forward”

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Video:  “Ryan Frazier – A New Way Forward

May 29, 2009

More Reading

Recently I’ve run across references (mostly on Glenn Beck’s TV show) to the following books, which look like they’re worth at least checking out:

  • Steven Milloy, Green Hell:  How Environmentalists Plan to Ruin Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them
  • Arthur Laffer, The End of Prosperity:  How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy–If We Let It Happen
  • Joshua Cooper Ramo, The Age of the Unthinkable:  Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us and What We Can Do about It
  • Wayne Allyn Root, The Conscience of a Libertarian:  Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts
  • Thomas Sowell, The Housing Boom and Bust
  • Peter Schiff, Crash Proof:  How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse

February 12, 2009

Video: “Sen. Inhofe Responds to Democrats’ Calls for ‘Fairness Doctrine'”

Video:  “Sen. Inhofe Responds to Democrats’ Calls for ‘Fairness Doctrine‘”

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