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June 28, 2012

The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh

I believe it was Sean Hannity I heard call The Great Destroyer:  Barack Obama’s War on the Republic (Washington, DC:  Regnery Publishing, 2012) by David Limbaugh an encyclopedia.  That is a good description.  The book should be considered a reference work and kept on a handy shelf rather than read from beginning to end.

It includes a lot of good information but too much and too much detail for the casual reader to remember.

Limbaugh covers Obama’s war on

  • America
  • the right
  • the disobedient
  • our culture and values
  • the economy
  • our future
  • oil
  • other energy resources
  • business
  • national security
  • guns
  • the office of the President

June 4, 2012

Video: “The Great Destroyer — David Limbaugh — Sean Hannity – 6-4-12″

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Video: “The Great Destroyer — David Limbaugh — Sean Hannity – 6-4-12

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