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June 15, 2009

Stimulus Projects Requested for Denver, Colorado

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Yesterday I posted a table with the stimulus projects requested for Colorado Springs.  Twenty-four projects, totaling $341,850,000 (about $600 per person* in the city), have been submitted for Denver:

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio (6-15-09)
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Montclair Outfall Denver CO 112 $20,000,000 Water -5
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Large Pipe and Manhole Rehab Denver CO 56 $10,000,000 Water -1
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: 14th and Stout Storm Drain Denver CO 35 $6,200,000 Water -3
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Bayaud Outfall Denver CO 35 $6,200,000 Water -4
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Park Hill Pond Denver CO 31 $5,500,000 Water 4
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Cherry Creek North Outfall Denver CO 22 $4,000,000 Water 0
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Florida Outfall Extension Denver CO 20 $3,500,000 Water 2
Critical Stormwater Conveyance Projects: Wolff Street Bridge over Lakewood Gulch Denver CO 8 $1,500,000 Water -6
Operational Safety: Smart Meter parking meter replacement Denver CO 22 $4,000,000 Public Safety -150
Operational Safety: Safety Improvements at 15 Intersections (Signal Replacement) Denver CO 20 $3,600,000 Public Safety -8
Operational Safety: Upgrade Traffic Signal Control Systems Denver CO 17 $3,000,000 Public Safety -2
Transit Support Project: Denver Union Station *Number of jobs created based on EPS study. This number is the annual average over years 2009-2013 Denver CO 1190 $88,000,000 Transit 30
New Transportation Construction: Central Park Blvd Interchange Denver CO 280 $50,000,000 Transit 6
New Transportation Construction: Broadway/I-25 Interchange Improvements Denver CO 213 $38,000,000 Transit 8
Transit Support Project: Downtown Circulation Infrastructure Denver CO 140 $25,000,000 Transit 11
New Transportation Construction: Federal Blvd. (7th to Holden Place) Denver CO 115 $20,600,000 Transit -20
Transportation Reconstruction: South Broadway (Iowa to Asbury) Denver CO 95 $17,000,000 Transit -9
Transit Support Project: 16th Street Mall Reconstruction Denver CO 90 $16,000,000 Transit -68
Transportation Reconstruction: Cherry Creek Drive South (Alameda to Colorado Blvd.) Denver CO 39 $7,000,000 Transit -43
Enhancement–Bike and Pedestrian: West Alameda/RR Underpass (ADA and bike improvements, and rehabilitation of structure) Denver CO 28 $5,000,000 Transit -19
New Transportation Construction: 56th Avenue, Quebec thru Havana Transition Denver CO 17 $3,000,000 Transit -1
Transportation Reconstruction: Alameda Avenue (University of Cherry Creek on south side of Cherry Creek) Denver CO 17 $3,000,000 Transit -16
Enhancement–Bike and Pedestrian: Bike Station at Denver Union Station Transit Hub Denver CO 6 $1,000,000 Transit -32
Enhancement–Bike and Pedestrian: Alameda to Broadway Bikeway (Alameda LRT Station to Broadway LRT Station) Denver CO 4 $750,000 Transit -14

* The population of Denver is about 570,000.


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