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June 17, 2009

Stimulus Projects Requested for Englewood, Colorado

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Yesterday I posted a table with the stimulus projects requested for Durango.  Twenty-four projects, totaling $16,254,500 (about $493 per person* in the city), have been submitted for Englewood:

Description City State Jobs Cost Program Type Vote Ratio (6-17-09)
South Broadway Median extension. Continuation of traffic median program initiated in 2000 with a federally funded project and extended with a second federally funded project in 2008. This project would complete the medians throughout the . . . Englewood CO 30 $2,000,000 Streets/Roads -24
Street rehabilitation program-upgrade of City street infrastructure. This is a continuation of 4 year project initiated in 2006, but discontinued due to lack of funding. Street system infrastructure is over 50 years old and has been severely damaged. Englewood CO 20 $920,000 Streets/Roads 10
Concrete replacement program. This project is the annual sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement program for the City and funding of this project is matched by property owners through an annual concrete utility fee. Englewood CO 20 $268,000 Streets/Roads -5
Bridge rehabilitation program. Continuation of annual program for rehabilitation of bridges as identified by the Colorado Department of Transportation 2008 bridge inspection program. Englewood CO 5 $140,000 Streets/Roads 15
Water storage tank rehabilitation. Rehabilitation/valve replacement of the City’s three water storage tanks. Englewood CO 15 $1,000,000 Water -1
Replace roof of Water Treatment Plant Englewood CO 8 $500,000 Water -6
Hampden Avenue 16″ Water Main replacement Englewood CO 10 $500,000 Water 6
West Union Avenue 16″ Water Main replacement. Englewood CO 10 $500,000 Water 4
Elevated tanks and pipe rehabilitation Englewood CO 5 $423,000 Water 3
Pipe City Ditch (open water delivery ditch) in southern areas of City. Englewood CO 6 $300,000 Water -6
Water main replacement – replacement of aged water mains – 2 year planned replacement program Englewood CO 10 $300,000 Water 4
Sanitary sewer main replacement- replacement of aged sewer lines-2 year planned replacement Englewood CO 3 $200,000 Water 5
Storm water line replacement – replacement of storm water lines – 2 year replacement program Englewood CO 4 $200,000 Water 2
Water pumping transformer replacement. Englewood CO 2 $106,000 Water 1
Water system security vulnerablility assessment upgrades Englewood CO 1 $25,000 Water -5
South Broadway ornamental lighting and median landscape renovation. Provide for the replacement of deteriorated street median landscaping and obsolete and malfunctioning ornamental lighting in the historic downtown district on South Broadway. The . . . Englewood CO 30 $900,000 CDBG -54
Sidewalk missing links program. Provide for sidewalks in areas of the City in which sidewalks are not present. The majority of these are located in low income areas and serve transit connections and the Alternative High School. Englewood CO 10 $130,000 CDBG -8
Fire SCBA – Self-Contained Breathig Apparatus replacement. Replace end-of-useful life SCBA equpment and mobil servicing vehicle. Englewood CO 0 $300,000 Public Safety 7
Mobile Data Terminal replacement- replacement of obsolete mobile data terminals Englewood CO 0 $100,000 Public Safety -12
Evidence tracker software Englewood CO 0 $60,000 Public Safety -12
Tactical vests for SWAT team Englewood CO 0 $55,000 Public Safety 5
Digital Interface Police/Court case Management System Englewood CO 0 $37,500 Public Safety -11
Bates Avenue Light Rail Station – city share of new light rail station. Denver Regional Transportation District is funding 1/3 of cost, which is currently in place. This project will allow for redevelopment of former foundry/brownfield site . . . Englewood CO 120 $7,200,000 Transit 15
Purchase two 25 passenger, handicap accessible buses for intercity transit service (Art Shuttle) Englewood CO 0 $90,000 Transit -11

* The population of Englewood is about 33,000.


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