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December 10, 2008

Display of Ignorance at

Obama’s website has a page where people can ask and vote on questions for the President-Select.  (I don’t believe that the Electoral College has met yet.)  Here are two of the top twenty questions right now:

  • “Will you introduce legislation to enable refinancing of older student loans with high interest rates (8.5% and more) into the lower rates currently available? You can refinance any other kind of loan except student loans and that’s not fair.” [liked by 507 people and increasing]
  • “What legislation will you introduce to preserve Net Neutrality and stop the telecom industry from eviscerating the greatest communication medium of all time?” [liked by 461 people and increasing]

Have these people forgotten or did they never learn that it’s the legislative branch that introduces legislation not the executive branch?

By the way, how much legislation did Obama introduce while he was in the legislative branch?

This site could provide some humor and insight into the liberal thinking processes–or lack thereof–in the near future.


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