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January 11, 2009

More Questions for #RNCChair Candidates

I have some more questions for the RNC Chair candidates:

  • Do you play any MMORPGs?  Do you have a Second Life avatar?  How much experience do you have with online multi-player role-playing games and/or virtual worlds?
  • How can Second Life and other virtual worlds be used to advance our candidates and causes?
  • If you have been a state party chairman, what was the percentage of elected offices in your state held by Republicans when you started and when you finished?  How will your experience in that office influence your decisions and actions as RNC Chair?
  • If you have run for office or managed a campaign, what is your win-loss record?  How will your campaign experience influence your decisions and actions as RNC Chair?
  • How long have you been using “social media” like Twitter and Facebook?
  • Have you ever had a blog?  When did you start it?  How often do/did you post in it?

January 10, 2009

Obama’s Campaign and Social Media

Barack Obama has 165,414 followers in Twitter, 19,837 friends on MySpace, 3,697,613 supporters on Facebook, 500+ connections on LinkedIn, and about 2,000 members in groups supporting him in Second Life.  He was elected president.

Was Obama elected president because he acquired so much support on social media sites?  Or was he elected president and acquired so much support on social media sites because people wanted to feel good about electing a black man and because the Republican candidate was Democrat light?

Just because there is a correlation between two pieces of information does not mean that one is the cause of the other.  They could both be effects of the same cause.

Before conservatives and Republicans in general spend too much more time and effort on developing networks on social media services, we need to decide what we are trying to accomplish there.  Are we building morale, networking, communicating, organizing, training, educating, converting independents and Democrats? 

Also, how exactly did Obama’s campaign use social media, and what were the results?  Would similar tactics and tools work with the Republican Party’s current and potential audience?

Once we’ve decided what our purpose and audience are, then we can determine which tools will help us meet our goals.

December 18, 2008

Who Is Saul Anuzis? #RNCChair @SAnuzis

A number of people whose blogs and tweets I read regularly have been promoting Saul Anuzis for the new RNC Chair.  I ran across his name last month in a list of candidates for the position, which I wrote about here.  I didn’t know anything about him, so I did a little research.

He is currently the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.  According to his website,

Saul Anuzis is not your typical Republican State Chairman. He is an unabashed Reagan-conservative with strong opinions about the role of government. He is also one of the most tech savvy chairmen in the country. The phrases often used to describe him include “constantly inmotion”, “whirlwind”, “true believer” and “man with a plan”. He joined the Teamsters union and rides a Harley Road King. But he leaves the Harley home when he’s campaigning so he can Twitter, blog and blackberry on the road. He is also a Boy Scoutmaster and a hockey dad. And, he is as committed to the Republican Party’s conservative roots as he once was to the liberation of Lithuania, the country his parents fled before seeking the American dream in Detroit, Michigan.

Saul is a believer in the core principles of Republicanism. They are the reason he became a Republican. He certainly wasn’t born into it. Saul grew up in a working class neighborhood in Detroit. He played in the streets with the kids of other autoworkers. He saw Ronald Reagan speak to those workers with a message that spoke to him as well. And he knows that, until we reach those voters again, Republicans will not win.

 The theme of his campaign is “The comeback starts now.”

In his “Blueprint for a GOP Comeback,” he outlines his plan for that comeback

  • one idea at a time
  • one neighborhood at a time
  • one email at a time
  • one dollar at a time

I’d recommend reading his plan.  I intend to look at it more closely.

His interest in and use of web 2.0 applications is a plus.  On the home page of his site are links to his online presence in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Video, YouTube,, and Flickr.  The obvious omission from the list is Second Life.  (A search for Anuzis using the in-world search engine yielded non results.)  That omission does cause me to question how serious/deep his interest in and knowledge of web-based tools are.

More important than his use of technology is his commitment to conservative principles, which is at least displayed on his website and in his plan, but I don’t know enough about his history to know how committed a conservative he is.

I also have to ask why he is going to all this trouble campaigning for the position of RNC Chair when, as I wrote a week ago, the Chair is selected by the members of the RNC–not the members of the party at large.  (I don’t know if the other announced candidates are doing the same.)

December 14, 2008

Video: “How to Use Facebook : How to Register & Join Facebook”

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