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June 29, 2014

Faithless Execution by Andrew C. McCarthy

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In Faithless Execution:  Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment (New York:  Encounter Books, 2014), Andrew McCarthy does precisely what he says in the subtitle. At the end of “Chapter One,” McCarthy states that  “The legal case for impeachment is very strong.  The political case lags far behind–and it is the only case that matters.  Political cases have to be built” (26).

Unfortunately, McCarthy is a lawyer, and based on the vocabulary, he seems to have written his book for other lawyers, which would include a lot of politicians–too many.  Faithless Execution is not written for the general reader.   However, the interested reader could comprehend the Articles of Impeachment in Part II (96-155), and I would strongly recommend reading at least those pages as a reminder of Obama’s lawlessness (i.e., “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which McCarthy does define in “Chapter Two.”

Despite his claim that “Political cases have to be built” (26), McCarthy fails to explain how the House could garner the necessary public support for impeaching Obama.

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