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February 7, 2009

Unanswered and Unanswerable Questions I Asked on Twitter This Week

I guess most of the people who follow me on Twitter follow so many people that they don’t have a chance read all of my tweets.  I was hoping for answers to some of these questions; others are rhetorical:

  • If liberals believe in evolution, why doesn’t the survival of the fittest apply in economic/financial situations?
  • How did the single mother with six children who had octuplets pay for the fertilization procedure and her medical care?
  • Don’t you think the liberals want us all on welfare? Isn’t that socialism?
  • Where in the Constitution does the Congress have the authority to be trying to influence the economy?
  • How could he [McCain] be what we (conservatives) wanted when he was selected by Democrats, independents, and the media?
  • Do any of them [Republican Senators] know how to really filibuster–as Jimmy Stewart did in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?
  • Can Steele tell Republican senators that if they vote for the porkulus bill, they won’t get any money from the RNC in the future?
  • If the porkulus bill passes the Senate, doesn’t a joint committee have to reconcile differences, then the houses revote?

I’d still like answers to the second, sixth, and seventh questions.


February 1, 2009

Romney-Palin in 2012?

Within the last day or two, somewhere I saw “Romney-Palin in 2012.”  In a previous post, I listed four qualifications for elected officials:

  1. conservative principles
  2. integrity
  3. intelligence
  4. initiative

Both Romney and Palin are going to have to prove to me that they meet the first qualification.

Over the last few years, Romney has changed some of his views (flipped), and I’m not aware that he has changed any of them back (flopped).  However, even though he has moved to the right, the health care/insurance plan he instituted in Massachusetts leads me to believe he’s a big-government Republican rather than a true conservative.

Palin is going to have to explain how a conservative could agree to be McCain’s running mate and retain her integrity.

The biggest barrier, though, to Romney becoming the GOP’s presidential candidate is the religious bigotry of some evangelicals on the right.

December 7, 2008

Was Scott McInnis Paying Attention Last Month?

According to a report at Rocky Mountain Right, “Former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis has openly argued for . . . moderating the GOP’s image and fielding more centrist candidates.”  The Republican Party did just that with McCain this year and lost.  A conservative might have won, but we’ll never know because the only real conservatives, Tom Tancredo and Fred Thompson, dropped out early in the primary, and Republicans were left with a moderate candidate who was selected by Democrats, independents, and the media.

Anyone who thinks the Republican Party should “[moderate] on social issues” and move more to the left should look at the results for Proposition 8 in California.  Despite the draw of having Obama on the ticket, the proposition that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman, a position supported by social conservatives, won handily.

When conservative candidates and issues were on the ballot, they usually won.  Leftists will vote for Democrats not Republicans who campaign as Democrat light.

November 20, 2008

Huckabee Attacking Romney

In a new book obviously mistitled Do the Right Thing, Mike Huckabee does the wrong thing by attacking Mitt Romney for changing his position on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.  As an ordained Baptist minister, wouldn’t Huckabee rejoice when someone changed his mind and joined Huckabee’s church?  Why won’t he allow Romney the opportunity of repentance that Christians preach? 

In his book, Huckabee apparently whines that “Romney and his staff [disrespected] him during the campaign for the GOP nomination, and complains that Romney never called to congratulate him after winning the Iowa caucus in January” (“Mike Huckabee Sharpens Knives“).  Huckabee was the one who colluded with John McCain to steal the West Virginia primary from Romney (“Romney Camp“), helping to saddle the Republican Party with John McCain as its presidential candidate.

On her radio show this morning, Laura Ingraham asked Romney more than once why he thought Huckabee was attacking him.  Taking the high road, Romney wouldn’t answer her question.  Who is doing the right thing now, Huckabee or Romney?

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