Conservative First

January 10, 2009

Obama’s Campaign and Social Media

Barack Obama has 165,414 followers in Twitter, 19,837 friends on MySpace, 3,697,613 supporters on Facebook, 500+ connections on LinkedIn, and about 2,000 members in groups supporting him in Second Life.  He was elected president.

Was Obama elected president because he acquired so much support on social media sites?  Or was he elected president and acquired so much support on social media sites because people wanted to feel good about electing a black man and because the Republican candidate was Democrat light?

Just because there is a correlation between two pieces of information does not mean that one is the cause of the other.  They could both be effects of the same cause.

Before conservatives and Republicans in general spend too much more time and effort on developing networks on social media services, we need to decide what we are trying to accomplish there.  Are we building morale, networking, communicating, organizing, training, educating, converting independents and Democrats? 

Also, how exactly did Obama’s campaign use social media, and what were the results?  Would similar tactics and tools work with the Republican Party’s current and potential audience?

Once we’ve decided what our purpose and audience are, then we can determine which tools will help us meet our goals.

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