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July 11, 2009

Organizations Supporting Government-Run Health Care

The organizations listed below are working to support the liberals’ attempt to take over the health care industry.  We, conservatives, need to watch and counter their efforts.  July 31 is their target date for the House of Representatives to produce and pass a full plan.

Federal government websites promoting “health care reform”:

When I started searching, I expected to find about ten organizations.  I’m floored at how many there are.  Can we win?  Can we retain our liberty and control of our health care?

July 8, 2009

Move ahead of

As Christa Huff posted at The Right Huff, “ is planning a telephone blitz on National Health Care for Thursday July 9.”

Call your senators and tell them you don’t want socialized/nationalized health care.  (You can also sign the Free Our Health Care Now petition.)

Contact Information for Colorado’s Senators:

Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)

Web-based contact form (e-mail)

Washington, D.C. Office–TF: 877-7-MUDALL (877-768-3255), P: 202-224-5941,F: 202-224-6471

Denver Office– P: 303-650-7820

Grand Junction Office–P: 970-245-9553

Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO)

Web-based contact form (e-mail)

Washington, D.C. Office–Phone: (202) 224-5852, Fax: (202) 228-4083

San Luis Valley Regional Office–Phone: 719-587-0096, Fax: 719-587-0098

Pikes Peak Regional Office–Phone: 719-328-1100, Fax: 719-328-1129

North Central Regional Office–Phone: 970-224-2200, Fax: 970-224-2205

High Plains Regional Office–Phone: 970-542-9446, Fax: 970-542-3088

Northwest Colorado / I-70 West / Highway 50 West Regional Office–Phone: 970-241-6631, Fax: 970-241-8313

Four Corners Regional Office–Phone: 970-259-1710, Fax: 970-259-9789

Denver Metro Regional Office–Phone: 303-455-7600, Toll-free: 866-455-9866, Fax: 303-455-8851

Arkansas River Regional Office–Phone: 719-542-7550, Fax: 719-542-7555

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