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October 23, 2013

“There Are No Good Democrats”

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Recently on Sean Hannity‘s TV show, I heard Ann Coulter say that “There are a lot of bad Republicans, but there are no good Democrats.”  I definitely agree when it comes to elected officials or candidates.

Even though a lot of municipal and county elections are “non-partisan” and candidates’ party affiliation is not included on the ballot, we should find out which of them are Democrats and which are Republicans.  Some people run for office at the local level to use that office as a springboard to statewide or national offices–we have way to many Democrats in Congress and the White House already–or as an opportunity to grow local government.

In Jefferson County, Colorado, voters can learn what candidates’ party affiliation is at by the voter’s street address or by the races and ballot initiatives.  From checking candidates for Wheat Ridge mayor and city council, I learned to my dismay that the current mayor is a Democrat.  As I recall, the first time I met him, soon after he was first elected, it was at a Republican breakfast meeting.

Information on school  board candidates and Amendment 66 is available on the home page of the site.

June 27, 2009

#Capntr8ors CANNOT Change Votes

According to the blog, the Capntr8ors cannot change their votes (“Can representatives change their vote?“).

Here is the relevant passage from the House Rules:

Before the result of a vote has been finally and conclusively pronounced by the Chair, but not thereafter, a Member may change his vote (V, 5931–5933, 6093, 6094; VIII, 3070, 3123, 3124, 3160), and a Member who has answered “present” may change it to “yea” or “nay” (V, 6060). However, a vote given by a Member may not be withdrawn without leave of the House (V, 5930). (page 803, section 1017)

Thanks to StopTheLiberalsNow (Stop The Liberals Now website) for the links.

Make Examples of the #Capntr8ors

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We must make examples of the Capntr8ors, House Republicans who voted for the Democrats’ national energy tax yesterday–preferably before the Senate votes on the bill:

  1. We, conservative voters, must let the Capntr8ors and the Republican leadership know how angry we are.
  2. Contact John Boehner (on Twitter), the House Republican Leader, and demand that the Capntr8ors be removed from any positions of power or prestige.
  3. Contact Pete Sessions, Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC (on Twitter)), and let him know that Capntr8ors Lance and Reichert are not Patriots, that their races should not be featured for raising money, and that you will not contribute to The Freedom Project or the NRCC until all the Capntr8ors are repudiated.
  4. Contact Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC (on Twitter)), and send him the same message:  no money or support for the Capntr8ors.
  5. Do not give money or support to any of the Capntr8ors or organizations that will contribute to them.
  6. Do give money and support to any conservatives who challenge the Capntr8ors in their primaries.

#Capntr8ors: Republicans Who Voted for the Democrats’ National Energy Tax

Eight Republicans voted for the Democrats’ national energy tax (HR 2454, cap and trade, Waxman-Markey):

  • Mary Bono Mack (CA-45)
    • Washington, DC: T (202) 225-5330, F (202) 225-2961, e-mail contact form
    • Palm Springs, CA: T (760) 320-1076, F (760) 320-0596
    • Hemet, CA: T (951) 658-2312, F (951) 652-2562
  • Mike Castle (DE)
    • Washington, DC: T 202.225.4165, F 202.225.2291, e-mail contact form
    • Wilmington, DE: T 302.428.1902, F 302.428.1950
    • Dover, DE: T 302.736.1666, F 302.736.6580
    • Georgetown, DE: T 302.856.3334
    • Twitter: repmikecastle
    • Facebook: Mike Castle
  • Mark Steven Kirk (IL-7)
    • Washington, DC: T 202-225-4835, F 202-225-0837, e-mail contact form
    • Northbrook, IL: T 847-940-0202, F 847-940-7143
  • Leonard Lance (NJ-7)
    • Washington, DC: T (202) 225-5361, F (202) 225-9460, e-mail contact form
    • Westfield, NJ: T (908) 518-7733, F (908) 518-7751
    • Flemington, NJ: T (908) 788-6900, F (908) 788-2869
  • Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-2)
    • Washington, DC: T (202) 225-6572, F (202) 225-3318, e-mail contact form
    • Mays Landing, NJ: T 1 (800) 471-4450, T(609) 625-5008, F (609) 625-5071
    • Facebook: Frank LoBiondo
  • John M. McHugh (NY-23)
    • Washington, DC: T (202) 225-4611, F (202) 226-0621, e-mail contact form
    • Watertown, NY: T (315) 782-3150, F (315) 782-1291
    • Plattsburgh, NY: T (518) 563-1406, F (518) 561-9723
    • Mayfield, NY: T (518) 661-6486, F (518) 661-5704
    • Canastota, NY: T (315) 697-2063, F (315) 697-2064
    • Facebook: John McHugh
  • Dave Reichert (WA-8)
    • Washington, DC: T (202) 225-7761, F (202) 225-4282, e-mail contact form
    • Mercer Island, WA: T (206) 275-3438, F (206) 275-3437, T 1 (877) 920-9208
    • Twitter: davereichert
  • Chris Smith (NJ-4)
    • Washington, DC: T 202-225-3765, F 202-225-7768, e-mail contact form
    • Hamilton, NJ: T 609-585-7878, F 609-585-9155
    • Whiting NJ: T 732-350-2300, F 732-350-6260

For more information on the bill and vote results, go here.

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