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May 29, 2013

Video: “A Message From Michele Bachmann”

Video:  “A Message From Michele Bachmann

July 18, 2009

Reasonable Amendments to H.R. 3200 Defeated by Democrats in Committee

On Friday, July 17, 2009, the House Ways and Means Committee passed H.R. 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.

As documented on the website for the Republican members of the Committee (on Twitter and YouTube), Democrats defeated eleven reasonable amendments to the bill that would have

  • allowed Americans to keep their current private health insurance
  • prevented Members of Congress from exempting themselves from the plan
  • made rationing of health care less likely
  • prevented rationing by delay under the plan
  • eliminated tax increases for employers
  • limited the government plan to states with “reasonable medical liability regulations”
  • prevented illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-subsidized health care under the plan
  • prohibited “requiring health insurance plans to cover abortions”
  • required the government to “maintain reserves and other margins in amounts consistent with insurance standards that apply to private plans”
  • prevented the government from “forcing providers to participate” in the plan
  • repealed “the prohibition on new enrollees in private individual market plans”

June 25, 2009

Representatives Undecided on Cap and Trade

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According to a recent e-mail message from the Club for Growth, the following representatives are undecided on the cap-and-trade bill that will be considered tomorrow in the House of Representatives.


Vern Buchanan (FL-13): 202-225-5015
Ginny Brown-Waite (FL-05): 202-225-1002
Joseph Cao (LA-02): 202-225-6636
Vern Ehlers (MI-03): 202-225-3831
Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11): 202-225-5034
Jim Gerlach (PA-06): 202-225-4315
Tim Johnson (IL-15): 202-225-2371
Mark Kirk (IL-10): 202-225-4835
Chris Smith (NJ-04): 202-225-3765
Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01): 202-225-4806

Democratics (Directory with Links to Websites):

Jason Altmire (D-PA-04)
Bobby Bright (D-AL-02)
Frank Kratovil (D-MD-01)
Walt Minnick (D-ID-01)
Frank Kratovil (D-MD-01)
Chet Edwards (D-TX-17)
Brad Ellsworth (D-IN-08)
John Boccieri (D-OH-16)
Travis Childers (D-MS-01)
Kathy Dahlkemper (D-PA-03)
Mark Schauer (D-MI-07)
Gary Peters (D-MI-09)
Larry Kissell (D-NC-08)
Lincoln Davis (D-TN-04)
Chris Carney (D-PA-10)
Steve Driehaus (D-OH-01)
Harry Teague (D-NM-02)
Joe Donnelly (D-IN-02)
Ciro Rodriquez (D-TX-23)
Harry Mitchell (D-AZ-05)
Betsy Markey (D-CO-04)
Alan Grayson (D-FL-08)

NOTE:  I tried to locate this information on the Club for Growth’s website so I could just link to it, but I couldn’t find it.

June 1, 2009

Perlmutter Watch 5-31-09

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In the Senate, still 13 tribesmen
Jewish Telegraphic Agency – New York,NY,USA
I’ve just sowed a little more confusion: We’ve never counted Bennet’s state-mate in the US House of Representatives, Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.
$200 million racetrack to speed through Aurora – Denver,CO,USA
Ed Perlmutter (D-Colorado) released the following statement Wednesday about TransPort’s project that would be located in his district: “The national motor
Plans announced for Aurora racing track, 1st Ld-Writethru, CO
Product Design & Development – Rockaway,NJ,USA
Ed Perlmutter, whose district covers Aurora, praised the idea of a race track, saying the project “has the potential to bring thousands of new jobs and
CopLink Search Engine Provides Quantum Leap For Crime Fighters – Denver,CO,USA
“This is a perfect example of where an earmark request really makes sense,” said Congressman Ed Perlmutter, D-Colorado. “CopLink not only provides

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CopLink revolutionizing crimefighting « Positive LEO
By Rebecca
“This is a perfect example of where an earmark request really makes sense,” said Congressman Ed Perlmutter, D-Colorado. “CopLink not only provides information, it can analyze it,” said Sgt. Michelle Moriarty of the Arvada Police
Positive LEO –
Gary Barber: Aurora is the brother-in-law you wish your sister had
By coyotegulch
John Salazar and Ed Perlmutter, both Colorado Democrats, at a town hall meeting on the possibility of changing federal legislation to allow Aurora to use the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project to move water out of the Arkansas Valley…
Coyote Gulch –
Colorado AFL-CIO — Employee Free Choice Act: GREEN JOBS GOOD JOBS
By Bernard Pollack
Congressman Ed Perlmutter Friday, May 29 at 2:00PM. The NJATC oversees 44000 apprentices in training for careers in the renewable energy sector, including solar photovoltaic, wind, building automation, and other energy-efficiency and
Colorado AFL-CIO — Employee… –

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Ed Perlmutter
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Twitter Rep Ed Perlmutter Happy to be back in Colora
Happy to be back in Colorado for the week, meeting with the Partnership for a Healthy Colorado Roundtable this morning.

January 31, 2009

Videos: “RNC Chairman Michael Steele Addresses The House Republicans”

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