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March 7, 2009

SM4Cons – Lesson 3: Understanding Tags

Before we delve any deeper into social media or web 2.0 applications, it’s important to understand tags.

In your filing cabinet or on your computer, you create folders to store related documents.  You create a taxonomy, or system of classification, for your documents.  However, unless you make copies, each document can be stored in only one place under one classification, and you have to remember where you put it.

With tags, you can use several different classifications for each item.  Look at a post on a blog, a page on a wiki, or a bookmark on a social bookmarking service.  Clicking on a specific tag (or label or category) will bring up items with the same tag.  This system of using tags for classifying items on the web or a computer is called folksonomy.

This video explains “Tagging & Folksonomy”:

In this one, Robin Good discusses  “Tags:  Content Tagging and Its Importance”:

For more information, read these articles:

You can also watch these presentations on SlideShare:

This is the third in a series of lessons to help conservatives who are less comfortable with the internet learn what these services do and how they can be used.  I will be also be publishing and updating the information on a wiki.  Future lessons will cover finding more blogs to read, commenting on them, and reading them using RSS feeds.

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