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March 29, 2009

SM4Cons – Lesson 5: Commenting on Blogs

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Since you’ve been finding and reading blogs, you’ve probably come across some blog posts that you’ve wanted to comment on.  It’s not difficult, and if you haven’t figured out how to do it, just watch these videos to learn how to comment on Blogger and WordPress blogs.  Blogs hosted by other services work much the same way.

Posting a Comment to Blogger

How to Post a Comment in Blogger

How to Post a Comment on Somebody Else’s Blog

WordPress Web Marketing Tutorial – How to Comment on a Blog

How to Post a Comment on WordPress

Here are some written instructions and tips for commenting on blogs:

If you’ve thought at all about starting your own blog, I’d recommend commenting on others’ first to see if you have enough to say and say it well enough to warrant doing so.

I will be also be publishing and updating this information on a wiki.  Future lessons will cover reading blogs using RSS feeds and using other types of social media.

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